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History of Our Business

D2D Appliances began as a small showroom in Waukesha offering retail sales of used (refurbished) major appliances. During the three years in the Waukesha showroom, relationships were formed with area property managers, investors, and individuals and business that flipped houses. That small showroom was quickly outgrown and the business evolved into offering retail, wholesale, and repair services. 

Our warehouse is now located in Menomonee Falls, WI and we continue to offer the sale of quality used appliances and now offer NEW (Open Box) appliances that have been dented/scratched. Our warehouse has grown, but we still have the same small-business mentality and offer unmatched quality in our product and services. ​

About the Owners

D2D Appliances​ was founded by an appliance repair technician (Jonathan) with more than 10 years of experience in the Milwaukee area, and his partner (Lindsay) with a background in business management and customer service; both of whom wanted to create a service that was honest, friendly, and affordable.  Since opening in May of 2015, D2D appliances has served Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Ozaukee, and further cities and counties in Wisconsin and Illinois.  

Jonathan and Lindsay have grown both personally and professionally and their business model has changed over their 5 years in this venture. There is one thing that remains unchanged and that is their goal to provide superior customer service and offer quality products at affordable prices. 

Our Guarantee

We promise to treat our customers like we treat our family. We promise to be truthful and honest and offer products and services at reasonable prices.


Our product and service comes with a 90 Day Guarantee (6 months for sale of new/open box equipment) . We will do our best to share our knowledge and teach you the best way to manage and maintain your equipment to maximize its life. 

We will do our best to answer any questions and ensure our customers satisfaction. 

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